Upcoming 121 Remod

T-34-3 – βœ…
WZ-120 – βœ…
121 – Soonβ„’

Shhh, there is no T-34-2, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I rarely post work in progress stuff here but this one really deserves it in my opinion. Done so far are gun and turret models. Hull is next and I might…. probably won’t play around with the chassis model.


Full res image here

Now this wasn’t done one a cheap $100 Android OS phone *trollface* but it should hold up just fine πŸ˜‰

This is also my first ever time using Substance Painter 2 to do texturing work on some turret parts (Applique armour parts with the rubber flaps)


Ongoing projects


Turret and chassis models have been completely redone. A mantlet canvas was added to the gun models and the base IS-4 hull has received some minor modifications to make it look apart from the IS-4’s hull.

Jadgpanther II E-50

While browsing the WoT subreddit I stumbled upon this and got sidetracked really badly but it turned out better than expected if you ask me.


One of the few WT imports, the T-34-85 with bedspring armor.

Centurion Mk. III

Another WT import that’s replacing the T8 Centurion model. Sideskirts optional.

Vickers A1E1 Independent

WT import that will be replacing the TOG II, Churchill 1 or Vickers Medium III

WZ-120 / T-34-3

Made a few additions to the hull. This can be considered a base model. The tank in the picture will replace the T-34-3 as is while the WZ-120 will get a few more addition, especially to its elite turret.

Object 907

This is something rather insignificant but I’ve created a HD chassis model for the Object 907. I’m not particulariy looking forward to do the entire tank so if anyone wants to take over feel free to contact me. Otherwise this is going to take months to finish.