Type 61

  • Uses modified Warthunder assets
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Gun mantlet canvas
  • Custom chassis model with camouflage and custom segmented tracks

Download link:

Be sure to check Mikeyboy The Thief’s VKย to see how long it will take for it to get plagiarized ๐Ÿ˜›




25 thoughts on “Type 61

  1. Although sad, its funny to see how blatant his theft is. Same image, but with his own watermark on top of it all.
    Thanks for continuing to make great remodels, favorite is still the Wz-120 II.

  2. great work an hes already stolen this 3 hours ago WITH your water mark still on the picture XD like just wow you should report him to WGing or something an get his site taken down fuck him for stealing from the best modeler ever

  3. damn milky! just as I was thinking I really want to play your STB-1 but wasn’t sure I wanted to suffer through the SD model type 61! and I love the bluish aquamarine color, really gives the Japanese tanks their own flavor other than the dull green color that already belongs to the Russians…and Chinese. You should set up donations so I can buy you a beer!

  4. hello again Milky, I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I figured you’d be more likely to see a post on a recent tank. I found a slight graphical glitch with your Type 64 model when the gun is fully elevated.


    not being critical in any way, it’s practically never noticeable in regular gameplay. I just thought you would like to know.

  5. Awesome dude, now I finally have the determination to finish the awe full STA1 grind ^^ In other news, I finally got my 4th Female for my Leopard 1 and could take it out for a ride with your great remodel!

  6. @ Milky, something about the american remodels makes the game crash. i’ve narrowed it down to america, T8’s. Still testing. map fails to load, background is black. might be one of the pershings, pattons. Maybe the korean one not sure.

        1. Nothing in the Python log that hints to a malfuntioning vehicle script from my remodels. There are some sound errors though, are you using any kind of sound mod like Gnomefather’s?

          1. i used too. but that was before patch 9.0 I ditched aslains modpack, ditched the latest AMD drivers, as they have issues with WoT now, then i installed a clean client, with just your remodels and it did it after a few battles. IF you install XVM, then yank XVM out, the next battle will have no HUD, and then the one after will not load. Not sure WTH it is.

    1. are you sure it’s his reskins? I was using Solo’s modpack and having the same issue and then I went back in and deleted everything that I didn’t absolutely need and the game has worked fine for over 200 battles. I am using almost all of milky’s reskins including the patton kr, and the t34 independence (but not the patriot t26e4 or t26e5).

      there was a reddit thread on the issue too

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