Type 74 (STB-1 replacement)

  • Uses modified Warthunder assets
  • Working camo, emblems, inscriptions and marks of excellence
  • Gun mantlet canvas
  • Improved IR light mesh
  • Custom chassis model with camouflage and segmented tracks

Download link:

inb4 it’s stolen by M1KELEND in a day or two like everything else 😀




26 thoughts on “Type 74 (STB-1 replacement)

  1. The remodel I’ve been waiting for a looong time 🙂 Thank you, Milkym4n, you are the best!!

    I know this might sound weird but have you ever thought about contacting WG about your work?

    1. My pleasure.

      I haven’t contacted WG but the Seattle office is aware of what I do and apparently really like what I put out so there’s that.

  2. Hey Milkym4n, that’s a great remodel as usual..thx once more for your efforts buddy. I would like some instructions on how to use it tho because it seems i am in trouble this time. I followed the usual procedure but my game keeps crushing after the application. Do i have to do something different this time with this? I want to play this STB1 model for a long time now. pls help…..thx in a advance

    1. Hmm that’s odd. Are you using any sound mods like the reworked Gnomefather’s Historical Gun sounds one also have you tried running the game with just the Type 74 in your res_mods (with current mods backed up ofc)? It could be a conflict with another mod.

      1. I play only with the original xvm mod and your skins, nothing else. What i did was that i transfered all your other skins i have from 9.16 folder to and then i added the Type 74 in it. Also i am a bit confused about the naming of the folders you put this time. I will your advice tho and i will letyou know. Thanks mate

    1. Thanks. What happened here is that I traveled into the future to steal that guy’s STB-1 remodel and claim it as mine, very simple. xD

      Just kidding. He’s known on the EU, NA and RU forums as a mod thief and a massive idiot since well just check this image.


      That the zip file from his VK site 😛

  3. hi milym4n!
    It seems that the track design is different for normal image quality and improved image quality.
    Can you use normal image quality tracks with improved image quality?

  4. This tank really look nice, but texture seems not same as the pic show.
    I’m experiment a tank demo to learn UE4.Can you give me a original format or original texture.
    I can pay for it. I promise will not use for business.

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