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  1. Is that a WT Type 74 import I see? Because if it is… :O time to get back to grinding the STA-1 again!

    On the subject of the STA-1, I think you said you would import the Type 61 model as well, but is there any chance you could import the STA-1 too, if you have time & it’s not too much to ask? I think its turret would probably need to be rescaled if so, as the WT one looks way too small (especially compared to WoT’s), but it looks like a pretty good model otherwise – much better than WoT’s SD one, anyway. 🙂

    1. What? No of course not. I mean how could I get access to that anyways? 1.65 isn’t even out yet and I don’t have access to the dev server.

      I’ll probably be spending the next days/weeks getting the tier 8,9,10 and premium tanks replaced.

      1. Pfft, certainly not. They never put their dev server up anyways, let alone update it often enough to include Japanese tanks. 😉

        Thanks though; awesome to hear! Super excited to see how they look in the game where they’re actually somewhat playable! 😛 And if you’d like, I can include them in my Japanese red/brown paint pack.

        1. Oh no, why would they?!

          Well this is how the one “secret” tank looks in game atm. Don’t mind the tracks, I just started working on the segmented tracks but everything else is pretty much ready.

          Base color used here is #405350 (SDF Green)

        1. Dumb me, I already posted why I though it was a STB-1. I need to read the comments from up to down, instead of the other way around…

          GJ MilkyM4n!!

  2. Not trying to be a picky a******e, but would a version without the IR box be possible? Just wondering, don’t feel you have to change your amazing work if you don’t want to 😉

    1. Don’t pressure an artist.

      He already said he wasnt going to post dates and he would eventually ban people that are constanly asking him about this or that remodel. You have being warmmed.

  3. Seems like a STB-1. At least the mantlet and front lights.

    I was about to say an M60 or M48 patton, but their turrets are a lot taller. So, yeah!! STB-1 ftw!!

    Still super hooked on ur remodels!!

    Keep the great work!!

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