Mikeyboy at it again ladies and gentlemen :D

Here we go again. I’m actually trying not to laugh too hard and wake up my neighbours but it seems Mikeyboy figured out that I was bundling the last 2 releases with a readme stating “if you got this from anywhere else than Github it’s stolen“. He also managed to remove some of the watermarks on the textures while failing to edit the ones in the alpha channels of the albedo maps. On an Android you only can edit that much, alpha channels are not possible afaik. Well shit Mikey, well shit. Maybe go pirate Photoshop for Android, that might help you.

The best thing though is that he simply took the files from “World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\vehicles\milkym4n\J16_ST_B1″ and copied them to “World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\vehicles\japan\J16_ST_B1\” completely forgetting a lot of file references in the actual 3D mesh files which all point to my original path.

For some reason he also got rid of the J14_Type_61.xml vehicle script in “World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\item_defs\vehicles\japan”. This is a crucial file for the remodel to work so without it you can guess what’s gonna happen… yeap the game crashes to desktop when you select the STB-1 in your garage or have one in a battle and you get an error log in your python.log stating

CRITICAL: [Exception] [Compound] Failed to load model vehicles/japan/J16_ST_B1/normal/lod0/Chassis.model! Compound building failed!

I really wonder why this is happening. Could it be the missing XML or the file path that was changed. I don’t know… well of couse I know but I want to let Mikeyboy figure it out himself since he’s the one figuring out remodeling on an Android device 😀

Try again.




22 thoughts on “Mikeyboy at it again ladies and gentlemen :D

  1. Wow.
    Well he’s uh… Dedicated? I guess?

    I really hope this doesn’t put you off your great work, but I’d understand if it did.

    Maybe you should tessellate your “M” logo all over the tank and call it “Milky Digital Camo”?
    Maybe that’ll stop him stealing it. xD

  2. one day karma will kick him in his ass XD an i hope it kicks him real fucking hard, so hard his already tiny balls recede back into his body. Ill never understand what kinda logic he has to justify stealing someone elces work….

  3. I downloaded the STB-1 from his page just to see for myself, not only did he do the things you said… he didnt include the equipment folders or anything… meaning even if the base model did work the headlights and stuff would probably be without texture… lol.

    This is a man, who, if I saw him drowning I would just watch…

  4. Heh, I wrote to him in a private message so that it ceased to do so, but I was blocked. Justifies it, “it is my work, I have everything in order I do, you’re lying, you model does not know how to do it, because envy”, he said, only rudely .What a shit, and not man, eh? (( (just noticed that you do not have evidence. We could catch him on the hot, to order you to take on a human model, make, he puts in the group and then the violence! But it’s just a thought.

    P.S.:Google Translate rules!)

  5. oh, that’s why u grouped ur HD remodels into a single folder “milkym4n”.

    and it’s good for us too, it’s much easier to manage HD remodels from different authors now.
    e.g. N_E_L_U_M_B_O / goodman12 / Algiz / KiloRock….. etc

  6. That huy is so funny XD
    Also, I tried him to understand, that all of this make him a fool, but who listened me? I haven’t enough to prove me right, despite I sent him loads of screenshots with archive comparation. In first versions there’s EVERYTHING utouchable, as the someone’s readme with original author’s nickname, etc. Man, wtf??? How he can be soooo stupid? XDDD

    1. He is a clown. Seeing him trying to change the Type 74 folders and making the game crash is too funny. I really hope he will do that for other remodels too.

      That guy is a massive idiot but a good comedian 😀

  7. OMG, who cares. Did you copyright this with the patent office? Someone once referred to you as a prim donna, sounds about right. Do you give WT credit every time you copy and paste one of their tanks into WoT? Do you give WG credit every time you swap one turret with another and call it a new tank? Grow up. No one likes a whiner.

  8. hi milky, im so saddened by this issue with mikhail pantenov, idk why is he trying to steal and discredit your works along with goodman and nelumbo but it seems hes immune to being bashed.. btw, I hopeyoucomeupwithmoremodels,andhesfilesarefuckedup,he does not have item def folders in his downloads and hell yeah my client is crashing with his mods;

        1. BTW, leave kinda casted off watermark on 3D model and texture ,in places such as frontal hull armor and gun mask. That’ll prevent (i think) your job from thieves like this dude.

  9. Milky, mikeyboy called you a thief in first place,ridiculous,isn’t?. But don’t worry, non-indifferent players already sent a request to VK support for lockdown on mikeys group.

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