Remodel updates

It seems that the current remodels work without having to be updated. If you don’t want to wait for an official update just copy the zip files into the folder instead of 0.9.16.

Not compatible remodels:

  • FV4202 (both remodels)(only top speed indicator not working)
  • SU-122-44
  • Pz.Kpfw. 38 TM (VK 28.01)



25 thoughts on “Remodel updates

  1. Thank you Milkym4n. Excuse me I’ve a question, “” still working fine @ 9.16 even 9.17. It’s good if you will update it in future. Cheers.

      1. Well to be quite honest the title of the very list is “Not compatible remodels:” which obviously includes the T-34-3.

        Not implying you’ve been neglective, I’m just saying. If that’s how you’re taking it then that’s really how you see it yourself.

          1. Sure, not for me to decide anything you do, just saying it belongs on the list realistically speaking.

  2. Can’t wait for the updated skins. I’ll be folLOWEing your website closely. There’s noone else out there making models even half this good and it really improves the game for me. All other skins seem really LOWE quality in comparison. Lowe. :’) Please?

    You’re awesome, man. The game feels so much better with your skins installed. Thanks for the hard work.

      1. yes that remodel is cool ^___^ i like your work and I take this opportunity to wish you good luck in all your projects. and I am ashamed that my compatriot Mikeyboy robs you of your work.

    1. That’s HiBan’s gun model from the NA forum. I think it fits the tank well. Would be cool if he made a complete remodel using that gun model..

  3. looking at the remodeling of VZ-120 taken and whether you want the T-34-3 can ask to do something similar with the Chinese medium tank T-34-2?

    1. I’d like to wait for an official HD model of the T-34-2 from Wargaming first before doing a remodel on it but if I get bored I might do it myself still.

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