Type 74 news and update 9.17

Alrighty, so most people probably already have guess what the previous post was about so no need to hide the obvious 😛

The Type 74 got some improvements to its original model.

Gone is that original detailless glass in front of the light which has been replaced by shutters the IRL module had.

Imgur direct link

I’ve also replaced the old style band tracks with segmented links that react to tank motion and recoil.

9.17 is already out on the RU cluster and soon to hit the other regions.

This time updates on remodels will roll out slower and not on day 1 as I’ll be testing their patch compatibility with replays and training room battles to ensure minimal conflicts.

Remodels that will be up-to-date first are going to be tanks I own in the game and don’t have to wait for replays to appear on wotreplays.com or other replay hosts.

Sidenote: Asking when a specific tank will get updated won’t get you nowhere so don’t even bother. Those comments will go straight to the trash bin.




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