Upcoming 121 Remod

T-34-3 – ✅
WZ-120 – ✅
121 – Soon™

Shhh, there is no T-34-2, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I rarely post work in progress stuff here but this one really deserves it in my opinion. Done so far are gun and turret models. Hull is next and I might…. probably won’t play around with the chassis model.


Full res image here

Now this wasn’t done one a cheap $100 Android OS phone *trollface* but it should hold up just fine 😉

This is also my first ever time using Substance Painter 2 to do texturing work on some turret parts (Applique armour parts with the rubber flaps)




26 thoughts on “Upcoming 121 Remod

    1. They don’t need updating, all you have to do is copy the content of the 0.9.16 folder to the latest folder version. I’m running the Warthunder FV4202 myself for weeks now.

  1. It looks absolutely stunning and I’m glad I convinced my platoon mate years ago to grind the chinese mediums. In this case I’ll be driving next to your creations in something that does have gun depression. He did the grind, you did the toil, and I just watch the pretty pictures 😛

    I can’t place the applique armor though and I couldn’t find anything that looks like it in a quick search. Is it an “artistic impression”?

  2. I put the files right, but for me it’s not showing up. I’m not using the Warthunder model, I’m using the other one. Any help? ;-;

  3. Any possibility of a Type 59 remodel at some point? Would be great to have all the Chinese Meds with remodels 😀

  4. sexy, so glad i’m close to 121. well, xp wise anyways. thanks for doing such a great job! I’ve probably asked this before but do you plan to redo the Wz-120-2 with the NATO style cannon? I felt like it really differentiated the tank from the t-34-3, otherwise they kinda look really samey.

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